Virtue Earnings Status

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Marco Lopes50Virtue for logging in
Olivia Randolph5Virtue for becoming a member
Olivia Randolph1Register Award
Katie Dawe5Virtue for becoming a member
Katie Dawe1Register Award
Lauren Macdonald5Virtue for becoming a member
Lauren Macdonald1Register Award
Matthew Cahn5Virtue for becoming a member
Matthew Cahn1Register Award
Justin Oberg5Virtue for becoming a member

Virtue Leader Board

Position Name Points
1 Marco Lopes 3,068
2 Matthew Cahn 287
3 Lauren Macdonald 116
4 alex 106
5 raskbrothers 26
6 nckmay 26
7 Justin Oberg 6
8 Katie Dawe 6
9 Olivia Randolph 6

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