An Intuitive Serverless Mobile Application For Transportation Management

Logistics Optimization Powered by Artificial Intelligence

LTL.AI is a live progressive web application built for logistics and transportation management. A comprehensive solution, LTL.AI will help you:
  • Quickly track sales &  financial metrics in real-time and use  assistive AI to increase revenue.
  • Dispatch, schedule, and communicate directly with drivers and never miss a load.
  • Optimize routes and let AI autonomously quote and match loads based on historical data.
With LTL.AI, You Can
  • Track And Predict Revenue & Expenses
  • Book More Loads With Autonomous Load Bidding & Matching
  • Optimize Routes by Using Asset Positioning Recommendations
  • Avoid DOT Fines & Violations by Subscribing To Alert Systems
  • Exchange Supply Chain Data to Create Additional Revenue Channels

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