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Developing Online Businesses Via Web 3.0

When Kordspace first began over 6 years ago, it was all about making websites affordable for small business owners. We are still committed to that cause — but have shifted our focus future forward into Web 3.0. We help business owners easily connect with their customers by using an application platform approach which allows people to build a community around their brand.

We Are A Collaborative Development Group

We design and develop applications. Our primary founders, Marco Lopes & Justin Oberg, personally design and develop all technology with the help of Katie Dawe, our UX & Digital Media designer & Davis Kessler our scripting & cyber security expert.

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Our vision for the neighborhood is to grow the community at the intersection of tech and art in the Mile High City.

We Are Accessible
& Affordable

We offer a tech mentorship programs for businesses who want to break into Web 3.0. Are you ready for the future?

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We offer a variety of services to make your tech ecosystem easy to use so that your business can focus on success.

"We bring together life-long learners to make the dreams of entrepreneurs possible."

Our Tech Stack

We take pride in our modern tech stack. We use all open source frameworks, which means we never fuss over patents or intellectual property. We simply use the tools that the global collective of developers and programmers contribute to world-wide. We find strength in numbers and find ourselves among 300,000 others who actively commit in REACT, Flutter & DART.

We know the most desirable stack is MongoDB, Express, React, and Node (MERN). We also love Google Firebase managed services (FERN). For us, the ideal stack takes advantage of Google’s G Suite Business Systems to run marketing on a native level with Google’s comprehensive app cluster.

The Kordspace Team

Our team is well-seasoned and excited about your next big project. We make thinking about tech solutions easy so you don't have to worry. We also include monthly updates even after you project has been completed so you are never left hanging! We take pride in our work and never cut corners when it comes to quality and security. For us every solution is a success story...

Marco Lopes

CEO, & Application Developer

Justin Oberg

CTO, & Cloud Architect

Katie Dawe

CMO, & UX Designer

Vatt Saycocie

Hardware & Network Engineer

Rafael Hauxley

Blockchain & IoT Expert

Davis Kessler

Web & Scripting Developer

Our Partners

We have relationships with innovators & tech leaders that help us learn more and achieve things other agencies cannot. With developer ops support from SADA & a multi-regional network of Google servers, we make optimized websites seem effortless. Ask us about digital marketing, logistics hardware, blockchain or ETL to learn more about some of network contributors and what they can do for you…

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